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  1. Hello, Chaotic Gaming I'm a 20 Year-old gamer who loves to work on Arma Stuff and play other games. If you have any questions feel free to ask :) 

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    Server Rules

    All players must abide by these rules in order to play on the Chaotic Gaming server. All rules are subject to change. Administrators have the final say. General Altis Life Rules: All offenses below are punishable by either a warning, kick, or ban. I.) New Life Rule (NLR): Sec. 1-0 II.) Killing yourself to get out of role play: Sec. 1-2 III.) Safezones: Sec. 1-3 IV.) Martial Law: Sec. 1-4 V.) Random Rules Sec. 1-5 VI.) Water Vehicles: Sec. 1-6 VII.) Aviation: Sec. 1-7 VIII.) Towing Vehicles: Sec. 1-8 IX.) Vehicles: Sec. 1-9 XI.) Communication: Sec 1-10 XII.) Trolling: Sec. 1-11 XIII.) Gang Rules: Sec. 1-12 XIV.) Gang War Rules: Sec. 1-13