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  1. Changelog: + Fixed Speed cams + Fixed the hud not updating + Fixed the Car Garages + Fixed Gang Invites
  2. Changelog: + Fixed the Inventory menu crash + Fixed the rebel vehicle spawning + Reduced the mission file size by 3mb + Fixed an error with reviving
  3. Changelog: + Optimized mission + Fixed opening backpacks glitch + Increased respawn timer when requesting a medic - Removed getting blacklisted when combat logging + Fixed the missing weapon accessories Please be aware that this update is in its testing stages.
  4. First off I'd like to say Happy New Year, I hope everyone had a good 2018 and will have an even better 2019 Changelog: + Fixed legal items not being sold + Added a new loading screen image + Fixed an error when getting 9mm magazines + Fixed an error with getting weapon accessories + Fixed an error with the Housing menu + Fixed an error when receiving money
  5. Changelog: + Decreased the mission file size by almost half + Changed Earplugs keybind to Ctrl + Shift + Scrollwheel + Fixed rebel shop clothing + Fixed disbanding a gang + Fixed not being able to use Tow Ropes, Sling loading, and Rapelling + Fixed police money glitches + Fixed Kavala EMS Car garage + Fixed error in broadcast script + Fixed tazer damage glitch + Updated the Info button to the latest controls + Increased EMS paychecks + Fixed Auction House errors + Fixed mines randomizing every time you join to now only randomize on server restart + Fixed error in robbing shops script
  6. Changelog: + Fixed dying upon joining the server + Fixed not being able to pickup money + Fixed the Virtual Auction House (VAH) system + Changed the respawn button for cops & ems to allow you to choose what to respawn as + Adjust Sound: Ctrl + Scrollwheel (up or down) + Gas stations can now be robbed ($0 - $15,000)
  7. Changelog: + Added "Virtual Items" and "Keys" menus to the inventory menu (top right hand corner) + Fixed escorting inside buildings
  8. Maihym, I have made a staff application , i dont know if it has been accepted , let me know if you have an idea.

  9. Hey, first status update :)