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  1. I just wanted to thank everyone for their support and feedback these past few weeks. There have been some ups and downs but from now on things are only going to get better. You may notice that there is a huge gap in the updates and so this post will make sure you are up to date. Please be sure to leave any feedback you may have in the comments below. Changelog Changed Starting Money to $150,000 Fixed Housing money glitch Improved Server Performance by A LOT Fixed knocking people out while restrained glitch Improved Map Performance Changed player's side from Civilian to Independent to allow the use of AI events/missions in the future Fixed Playtime not logging correctly Added "Store Vehicle in Garage" action to Car Garage in Athira Updated Garage spawns for some houses Fixed Inventory Duplication Bug Adjusted pricing of some virtual items (non dynamic items such as handcuffs) Cleaned up unused code Removed Car Radio Updated Anti-hack Added Animations Menu Changed Police "Call Backup" option to Ctl + C (GPS required) Radio must be equipped to use Group Channels and Emergency Channels Added Police Place-able Barriers Fixed Slingloading glitch
  2. Changelog: + Added ADR to cop and rebel shops + Medics now have tazers even though I thought they already had tazers + Request medic button can no longer be spammed + All hospitals now have someone you can heal from and medic shops + Added random airdrops
  3. Changelog: + Fixed an issue with police vehicle shops + Disabled Arma 3's default sling loading system. + Fixed backend system issue + Change demo charge timer icon + Big houses now hold 5 storage crates, small houses now hold 3 + Cleaned up the prison uniform
  4. All rules are subject to change. Admins have final say. Edited 3/15/2019 Section I - General Section II - Initiation Section III - New Life Rules (NLR) Section IV - Aviation Section V - Towing Section VI - Communication Section VII - War Section VIII - Combat Logging Section IX - 10 Codes and Radio Procedures Section X - Tickets, Fines, and Punishments
  5. Changelog: + Moved/Edited new Prison + Moved/Edited Federal Reserve + Fixed the Federal Reserve. Gold bars now spawn in the vault + Added keycard to unlock prison doors + Fixed "widthRailway" error + Fixed "Boltcutter" icon + Added "CookedMeat" icon + Improved cleanup scripts a little + Fixed getting full bounty amount when sending someone to jail + Fixed being kicked when rappelling from helicopters + Weapons now have better positioning when you die + Changed the name of the robbable gas stations + Fixed an issue with unrestraining in the admin menu + Added a boat shop at Pyrgos + Fixed an issue causing flashbangs to not work
  6. Changelog: + Added a car radio (scroll option) + Added a new police backpack + Fixed the anti-hack from banning when removing house containers + Added IgiLoad + Fixed being able to spikestrip from inside a vehicle + Quick spikestrip keybind (CTRL + T) + Fixed being able to lockpick things you shouldn't be able to + Fixed glitching out of vehicles while restrained + Fixed flashbang glitch + Fixed not being able to invite people to your gang + Fixed heroin processor at Gang Hideout 3 + Fixed leaving gangs
  7. Changelog: + Fixed Repairing and Refueling vehicles using the windows key + Fixed not being able to get items from shipwrecks + Added more vehicle door animations + Fixed Push Boat issue + Fixed Market Glitch + Fixed getting banned for deleting containers
  8. Changelog: + Added air garage at the airport in Molos (top right of Altis) + Fixed the "Spyglass Detected Variables" spam + Changed the spawn screen image + Changed the Abort camera when leaving the server + Virtual Item weights have been modified + Vehicle licenses have been fixed + Added shipwrecks
  9. Changelog: + Fixed Wanted Menu + Added new police textures + Added new medic textures + Improved anti-hack to stop banning on false positives + Added admin features + Modified the tazer script to randomize downed time + Fixed the auction house + Modified the paycheck system + Fixed speedbombs + Fix Tempest Device not mining
  10. Changelog: + Added custom antihack + Added custom admin menu + Added new police uniform textures for all police ranks + Lowered the notifications to prevent them from blocking menus + Fixed the jail instantly teleporting people out + Fixed an issue where knocking people out would sometimes throws a grenade + Fixed getting kicked when towing a vehicle + Fixed not being able to leave a gang + Fixed transfer vehicle script
  11. Please note that when you process any alcohol you must have the same or greater amount of yeast than hops or rye. So however much alcohol you plan on processing, you must have that much yeast. Changelog: + Added alcohol shop at the Brewery in Kavala + You can buy all virtual items that you process for double the sell price + You can now sell apples and peaches + Fixed the keys menu (couldn't give keys) + Fixed an error with teargas + Fixed an error with Cops respawning + Fixed a duplication glitch in houses + Added car garage at Civ Landing
  12. I would like to apologize for not making a few changelogs. I've honestly gotten lazy with them and I didn't feel like they were needed when I was only making small changes. But here is the latest changelog. Please let me know what everyone thinks of the new changes Changelog: + Added in a custom Y Menu + Implemented the new Virtual Inventory and Keys menus into the new Y Menu + Implemented a "Navigator" Menu (GPS System) + Added in Outlaws's Mag Repack system, use Ctrl + R to open the magazine repacking dialog + Allowed for Dynamic Market items to drop to a price of 0 + Changed up the UI for the Dynamic Market + Added a vehicle fuel pump system (now costs money to fuel a vehicle). Non donators need to have cash to fuel their vehicle. + Empty fuel cans can be refueled at a gas station (Go into the Y menu, click on an empty fuel can, then click use.) + Fixed the push vehicle script + Improved the positioning of a dead player's weapon + Fixed the Alcohol system - Beer requires yeast - Whiskey requires rye and yeast - Moonshine requires hops and yeast + Added Medical callsigns + Increased the cost of licensing (anywhere from $500 - $200,000)
  13. Changelog: + Fixed Speed cams + Fixed the hud not updating + Fixed the Car Garages + Fixed Gang Invites
  14. Changelog: + Fixed the Inventory menu crash + Fixed the rebel vehicle spawning + Reduced the mission file size by 3mb + Fixed an error with reviving
  15. Changelog: + Optimized mission + Fixed opening backpacks glitch + Increased respawn timer when requesting a medic - Removed getting blacklisted when combat logging + Fixed the missing weapon accessories Please be aware that this update is in its testing stages.
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