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    I would like to apologize for not making a few changelogs. I've honestly gotten lazy with them and I didn't feel like they were needed when I was only making small changes. But here is the latest changelog. Please let me know what everyone thinks of the new changes Changelog: + Added in a custom Y Menu + Implemented the new Virtual Inventory and Keys menus into the new Y Menu + Implemented a "Navigator" Menu (GPS System) + Added in Outlaws's Mag Repack system, use Ctrl + R to open the magazine repacking dialog + Allowed for Dynamic Market items to drop to a price of 0 + Changed up the UI for the Dynamic Market + Added a vehicle fuel pump system (now costs money to fuel a vehicle). Non donators need to have cash to fuel their vehicle. + Empty fuel cans can be refueled at a gas station (Go into the Y menu, click on an empty fuel can, then click use.) + Fixed the push vehicle script + Improved the positioning of a dead player's weapon + Fixed the Alcohol system - Beer requires yeast - Whiskey requires rye and yeast - Moonshine requires hops and yeast + Added Medical callsigns + Increased the cost of licensing (anywhere from $500 - $200,000)