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Server Rules

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  All players must abide by these rules in order to play on the Chaotic Gaming server.

All rules are subject to change. Administrators have the final say.




General Altis Life Rules:


All offenses below are punishable by either a warning, kick, or ban.



1.) VDM - Vehicle Deathmatch - [The act of killing someone with a vehicle.] If accidental please report this to administrators with proof. In addition to a potential ban, you will be responsible for providing compensation to everyone that you kill. (VDM is allowed if someone has initiated on you with lethal force.)


2.) RDM - Random Deathmatch - [The act of shooting/killing a player without initiation.] For example, you must have a reason to kill players, such as: a robbery gone wrong, raids, self defense while being fired upon, etc. Except for: Federal Reserve robberies, you must roleplay before shooting or killing anyone. In addition to a potential ban, you are responsible for compensating anyone that you RDM.


3.) Metagaming - [Using teamspeak or another program to figure out information on enemies, and reporting it to your friendly team] Metagaming is considered fail roleplay and will result in a permanent ban. Meatagaming is not allowed on Chaotic Gaming Servers.


4.) Exploiting/Glitching - [Using known exploits or glitches to cheat in-game for an advantage. (Can be glitching through walls, abusing game mechanics such as dsync ramming, and even quickly knocking someone out before your weapon is completely drawn.)] If found abusing an exploit or glitch, you will be permanently banned without an appeal. If you find a glitch and report it an admin, you will be given a reward.


5.) Hacking - [Injecting code, using mod menus, or even using unauthorized addons is considered hacking.] If you are caught using hacks you will be permanently banned from the Arma 3 server, the teamspeak server, and the website. You will not be able to appeal this ban.


6.) DDoS - [The act of using a booter or botnet to crash a server's internet connection.] If you are found ddosing the server, your information will be sent to the authorities and you will be prosecuted by the law. Ddosing is illegal in the United States and ddosing is something we take very seriously. If caught, this will also result in a ban from all of our servers with no chance of an appeal.

7.) Initiation - You may not initiate from a helicopter or if you do not see the player who you are trying to role play with in plain view. If there are no shots fired, role play has ended after 60-120 seconds.

I.)  New Life Rule (NLR): Sec. 1-0


*The New Life Rule applies to everyone in the server.

     I.) If you are killed you must wait 10 minutes before returning to the scene of your death.

     II.) You are not to respawn near the same area of your death. (Ex. If you died in Kavala, don't spawn in Kavala.)

     III.) If you die during role-play with an officer your past crimes are forgotten. (New life)

     IV.) If you are RDM'd by another player, it's not classified as a new life.

    V.) If you manually respawn or purposely kill yourself, it's not a new life.

    VI.) If you die you cannot seek revenge.

II.) Killing yourself to get out of role play: Sec. 1-2


    I.) If the log shows you got arrested then you died miraculously, you will be banned. Do not pay bail and kill yourself for an easy ride home. Walk.

    II.) [Duping items and/or money.] If someone sends you an unattainable amount of money, report them to an admin and transfer the money to the admin. Do this as soon as you see it or an admin could ban or wipe your account.

    III.) [Using clearly hacked items.] If a hacker comes in and spawns unobtainable items, you could be banned for using those items. Report the items to the admins IMMEDIATELY and stay away from them.

    IV.) Abusing bugs or game mechanics for gain. Is there a replicating gun somewhere? Report it and leave it alone. If an admin catches you abusing the glitch, it could result in a ban.

III.)  Safezones: Sec. 1-3


 I.) You are not allowed to camp safezones, if seen doing so you will be given a 1 day ban from the server.

     II.) Safe Zones are areas where it is against the rules to kill, rob, assault, knockout, set off explosives, kidnap, or otherwise break the law/initiate roleplay. If you are seen doing any of the listed infractions, you will be banned without warning. This does NOT exclude killing your own friends or buddies... There is no exception to this rule.

    III.) A safe zone is any of the following listed areas: All shops,garages, and ATMs (You must be 10 meters away from these areas to initiate.) The only exception is if roleplay was in progress before entering these areas.

    IV.) Zoned areas end when they end on the map on a 2D level. They also extend 150 meters in the air. If you are above 150 meters, you are not inside of the safe zone.

    V.) If you are being chased and drive or land in a safe zone  will simply void the safety and allow your pursuer to engage you.

    VI.) Shooting inside of a safe zone, shooting into a safe zone, or shooting out of a safe zone, or detonating a bomb in a safe zone will all result in your removal from the server. Accidentally shooting is one thing; spraying Pawnee miniguns or an MX is a another.

IV.) Martial Law: Sec. 1-4


* The entire point of martial law is for cops to refresh the server and remove RDM'ers, rebels, armed vehicles, etc from a city. It is not declared for 'fun' but rather it is a vessel for making the game fun again for those not participating in gunfire and illegal activities. Do not complain that it is overpowered, because that is the point.


    I.) During Martial Law, all civilians need to go inside or they may be arrested. If you are armed (including a weapon on your back), the police can ask you to surrender your weapon, but also have the right to detain you send you to jail.

    II.) If you are a civilian and you are killed in martial law by a police officer, you may not return to the city until martial law is undeclared. Doing so will result in a warning/kick

    III.) If you are a cop with access to heavily armed vehicles, you may bring out heavy vehicles to deal with the situation. Swat may not take out tanks unless the situation is completely out of hand, but a marshal or panther may be taken out at any time during martial law. No more than 1 (ONE) tank or heavy vehicle out at one time unless there are more than one hostile vehicle of equal or greater strength. (1 Marshall OR 1 Panther, not both)

    IV.) Members of Swat are in charge during Martial Law.

V.) Random Rules Sec. 1-5


I.) Civilians can be arrested for looking in cops' backpacks/vehicles as well as entering their vehicles but not stealing them. Constantly doing this will result in a kick/ban

    II.) Civilians can be arrested for following cops in game in order to give away their position.

    III.) Civilians or Rebels who take up arms to kill cops in town or elsewhere for no RP reason will be considered RDMing.

    IV.) Following and or harassing cops for long periods of time, or not complying with a cop that tells you to leave, will be considered griefing and/or trolling, and will result in your removal from the server.

    VI.) When taking hostages or forcefully requesting compliance, if your hostage faithfully complies with your demands, they cannot be killed. If they lie or otherwise attempt to manipulate the hostage taker, they can then be harmed/wounded to ensure compliance, or killed at the hostage taker's discretion.

    VII.) Actively blocking cops from doing their duties can lead to your arrest. Constantly doing this will result in your removal from the server

     VIII.) Any player who initiates contact on another player must wait a total of 7 seconds or enough time for the player to respond. If in that time the player/players initiating contact have been fired upon they may return fire.

VI.) Water Vehicles: Sec. 1-6


I.) Repeatedly pushing boats without permission will be considered griefing and will result in a 1 day ban.

    II.) Pushing a boat with the intention of hurting or killing someone. This is not RP, it is just a flaw in the mechanics as well as seen as VDM and RDM.

    III.) Purposely running over swimmers/divers will be considered RDM and VDM unless initiation had already taken place.

VII.) Aviation: Sec. 1-7


I.) Purposefully ramming a helicopter into anything (other helicopters, vehicles, buildings, or people) will result in you being held responsible for any compensation and a possible ban for VDM.

    II.) Stealing helicopters without proper warning and significant time for the driver to lock the vehicle (2 seconds). If they land and run away without locking, fine, if they just get out and you get in before they get a chance to lock it, not fine.

    III.) Armed aircraft CANNOT be flown over or into a city unless there is a good reason. These reasons include: War, Bank Robbery, Armed Extraction of a gang member or hostage, and Martial Law.

    IV.) Unarmed Aircraft should not be flown less than 200 meters over a city. Landing a helicopter in a non-designated area is at your own-risk and will be considered a hostile act by Law Enforcement. Landing in a designated area requires that you consent to a search of your person and vehicle. If you do not consent with this search then you must leave the city or face being arrested.

VIII.)  Towing  Vehicles: Sec. 1-8


 I.) You MAY use your helicopter as a tow service for other players, provided you abide by the mutual consent rule.

    II.) You MAY tow your own vehicles.

    III.) You MAY NOT use your towed vehicle as a weapon. This will be considered VDM and bans will be issued appropriately.

    IV.) You MAY NOT use your towed vehicle as a wrecking ball and knock down houses, occupied or otherwise.

    V.) You MAY NOT use your towed vehicle to knock other vehicles off the road or otherwise damage them, occupied or otherwise.

IX.) Vehicles: Sec. 1-9


I.) Purposefully using your vehicle as a weapon (VDM). There are accidents, and then there is going out of your way to run someone over (if you run anyone over, stay there, contact 911 and roleplay the situation with the cops. If you leave this will count as (VDM).

    II.) Purposefully throwing yourself in front of vehicles in order to die/get hurt will be considered griefing and fail rp. If found doing so you will be given a 1 day ban.

     III.) Ramming into other vehicles in order to cause an explosion (this includes ramming into a grounded aircraft) is considered griefing and will result in a permanent ban.

    IV.) Constantly trying to enter vehicles that do not belong to you in order to grief the vehicle owner, and not trying to RP is considered griefing and will result in a 1 day ban.

    V.) Stealing a vehicle just to crash it or otherwise destroy it is considered fail rp and will result in a 2 day ban.

    VI.) Purchasing multiple vehicles for the purpose of doing any of the above is considered griefing and will result in a 2 day ban depending on the severity.

    VII.) The only reason for shooting at a vehicle would be to disable it and/or fire warning shots in a role-play scenario. You may kill any occupants in the vehicle if they have shot at you first and are driving away. Otherwise only try to disable the vehicle. Attempting to disable a vehicle is considered an act of initiation and can result in being fired upon.

    VIII.) Driving an armed vehicle into a city is grounds for a traffic stop, enter at your own caution

    IX.) Armored vehicles are legal so long as they do not have any weapons on them. Drivers of armored vehicles can be pulled over for a license check and must consent to a search of the vehicle otherwise their vehicle will be impounded and they will receive a fine. In order to drive an armored vehicle you must have a Class A license.

    X.) Speed Limit is 75 through cities/ 100 on highway roads outside of cities/ 95 on dirt roads outside of cities

XI.) Communication: Sec 1-10


 I.) Side Chat may not be used to play music or otherwise mic spam.

    II.) Fighting or arguing in side chat (voice or not) is not allowed and is to be moved to Teamspeak or another channel.

    III.) Sidechat is NOT to be used as an in-character communication tool. Using it to call for backup from other civilians, or to transmit information is fail rp. Sidechat is for questions, help, or advertisement of your gang/services only. If found fail rping in side chat you will be banned for 1 day.

    IV.) Teamspeak is NOT to be used as an in-character communication tool. If you are taking a hostage, trying to communicate with the police or a hostile gang, you are to meet in person or use the in-game cellphone text tool.

    V.) Spamming any chat channel will result in your removal from the server.

    VI.) Teamspeak channels are split up into areas for a reason. Cops must be in the cop channels at all times and civilians must be in the civilian channels or their own private channels.

    VII.) Civilians cannot be in any cop channels on teamspeak in order to gather information on their location or movements. Civilians caught doing this will be removed the channel. Repeat offenders can be kicked or banned from both the game and teamspeak.

     VIII.) Harassing an admin on Teamspeak about a problem, promotion, or any other reason will result in a kick or temporary ban from the voice server. Sending a single message about it is one thing, spam poking or spam texting is another.

XII.) Trolling: Sec. 1-11


 I.) If an admin has to tell you that you are trolling, stop trolling. If you do not stop then you will receive a 1 day ban from the server or teamspeak.

    II.) Trolling can include but is not excluded from: Voice chat abuse, constant teasing of the cops, disrupting others roleplay experience, constantly entering then exiting someone's vehicle, constantly pulling out someone's tow ropes/cargo ropes, and the list goes on.

XIII.)  Gang Rules: Sec. 1-12


I.) Gang Hideouts are not KoS areas, you must still roleplay in a gang hideout.

    II.) You are expected to roleplay; maybe even more. No random deathmatch, no undeclared assassinations, no killing/robbing/kidnapping in a Safe zone (i.e. ATM's, Car Shops, Garages, etc).

    III.) All general rules are still to apply; any opposing gang member can be considered hostile and you can make threats, but battles are to be arranged unless your life is endangered or you are in a gang area (stated above)

    IV.) Assassinations of opposing gang members are ALLOWED but the target must be warned with a reasonable amount of time.

    V.) All inter-gang communication is to go on in game. Entering another gang members channel to consult an in-character issue will result in a kick. Permission is always to be requested before joining a channel

XIV.)  Gang War Rules: Sec. 1-13


 I.) Gang War does not mean kill on sight. All members in opposing gangs must be contacted and given the proper response period before taking action. 

    II.) Players taking part in gang war MUST have Gang Tags in their in-game names. If the tag is not present, killing an opposing gang member is RDM.

    III.) Gangs are not allowed to camp safe zones and wait for opposing gang members to exit the area.

    IV.) Gangs are not allowed to bring the war into a safe zone, even if they are in pursuit of a hostile gang member.

    V.) War is automatically called off after restart

    VI.) Temporary wars must be declared and accepted by an Administrator, and are over after the server restarts. (Senior Admin Above)



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