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Server Rules (In Progress)

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All rules are subject to change. Admins have final say.

Edited 3/15/2019


Section I - General

  1. Don't be a dick.
  2. Have common sense.
  3. No RDM (Random Death Match)
    1. You are not allowed to kill someone unless initiation has been started.
    2. See Initiation rules for more info.
  4. No hacking
  5. No glitching/exploiting
    1. Glitching through walls is not allowed.
    2. Exploiting known faulty game mechanics is not allowed.
    3. Duping items through glitching or exploiting is not allowed.
    4. If you find a glitch or exploit and report it, you will be compensated.
  6. Don't break roleplay.
  7. Only request help in the Discord.
    1. If reporting someone you are REQUIRED to have video footage as evidence.
      1. The length of the video must be at least 5 minutes long and show at least 3 minutes of footage before the incident.Video evidence is only valid up to 3 days after the incident.
      2. The video footage must be recording your microphone as well as in game audio and video.
      3. The video must consist of no edits.
  8. Don't retaliate against a rule breaker. Just report it and move on.
  9. Evading a ban is not allowed.
  10. Trolling is not allowed.
  11. Always value your life.
  12. No Meta-gaming
    1. Use of information not obtained through in-game means is not allowed.


Section II - Initiation

  1. General Initiation rules.
    1. You may not kill someone if they are complying with your demands.
    2. If the person you are initiating on is in a vehicle you must give them a reasonable amount of time to comply.
    3. Suicide vests do not require initiation to be activated.
      1. Anyone with a suicide vest is considered Kill on Sight (KOS) only if the vest is activated.
  2. Initiation through Global Chat is allowed if the following is met.
    1. The person being initiated on is in a Helicopter.
    2. You have given a detailed description of who you are initiating on.
    3. You have given detailed instructions to the person being initiated on.
  3. Gang/Group initiation is allowed if the following is met.
    1. You have hinted that you are in a group/gang.
      1. For example, using words referring to a group of people. "Get out of the vehicle or WE will shoot".
    2. Gang/Group members over 700m away when initiation has started are not involved in the situation.
    3. Police do not have group initiation restrictions.
      1. For example, if one is shot at then the entire police force has initiation on you.
  4. One way initiation is allowed.
    1. Definition: One way initiation is considered when you shoot at a person whether they are warning shots or attempts to disable a vehicle. You may not shoot to kill.
    2. Interacting or affecting someone's vehicle without their permission is considered one-way initiation.
      1. Simply touching a vehicle does not count as one-way initiation.
    3. Full initiation occurs if the person initiates back. This does include one-way initiation on you.
  5. Initiation through direct voice chat is allowed.
  6. Anyone attempting to rob the Federal Reserve are considered to be Killed On Sight (KOS) unless a hostage has been specified.


Section III - New Life Rules (NLR)




Section IV - Aviation




Section V - Towing




Section VI - Communication




Section VII - War




Section VIII - Combat Logging




Section IX - 10 Codes and Radio Procedures




Section X - Tickets, Fines, and Punishments




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