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A Small Loan of $1000

Goal starts 03/15/19

My fellow players, I am in need of a small loan of $1,000. I promise to build a great wall between us and the hackers. I will do GREAT things with this money and make the server great again.

  • 4 Donations

  • 135.00 USD of 1,000.00 USD goal reached.

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    A Small Loan of $1000


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    A Small Loan of $1000


    30.00 USD
  5. 80.00 USD
    hey its me [BL] Rc Phillips
IP.Board Donations by DevFuse
  • Donation Stats

    135.00 USD
    Total Donations
    1,000.00 USD
    Total Goals

    135.00 USD of 1,000.00 USD goal reached.
  • Donator Level 1: $10

    - Donator Discord tag
    - Donator Website tag
    - Auto saves every 15 minutes
    - Access to donator clothing shop
    - Donator spawn points to donator city
    - Access to donator lounge rooms in Discord
    - Access to donator forums section

    Donator Level 2: $20

    - Everything from Donator Level 1
    - Access to Donator vehicle shop w/ vehicle skins
    - Auto saves every 10 minutes
    - Automatic seatbelts

    Donator Level 3: $30

    - Everything from Donator Level 1 & 2
    - Access to Donator weapon shop
    - Auto saves every 5 minutes 
    - Automatic debit card, takes money out of bank instead of cash


    Chaotic Gaming does not require a donation in order to play on our server. Donations are to be made voluntarily.

    All donations that Chaotic Gaming receives will go towards general costs to operate the server; Website, Dedicated Box, Etc.

    Chaotic Gaming will provide rewards in return of donations. The rewards received will not affect game-play and will only provide cosmetic or convenient perks. Chaotic Gaming may offer and or place product advertisements in game and have in-game and out of game sponsorships if applicable. Donators will not be able to access items that non-donators do not have access to as this would violate the Bohemia Monetization rules - https://www.bohemia.net/monetization

    DO NOTE: Donations are non-refundable, even if you have been banned. Remember, it does not give you immunity against punishment for violations of the Server Rules and does not give any advantages over others. Donating to the development of the project does not allow you to demand anything from the administration in return.



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