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  2. Changelog: + Fixed Speed cams + Fixed the hud not updating + Fixed the Car Garages + Fixed Gang Invites
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  4. Changelog: + Fixed the Inventory menu crash + Fixed the rebel vehicle spawning + Reduced the mission file size by 3mb + Fixed an error with reviving
  5. Changelog: + Optimized mission + Fixed opening backpacks glitch + Increased respawn timer when requesting a medic - Removed getting blacklisted when combat logging + Fixed the missing weapon accessories Please be aware that this update is in its testing stages.
  6. First off I'd like to say Happy New Year, I hope everyone had a good 2018 and will have an even better 2019 Changelog: + Fixed legal items not being sold + Added a new loading screen image + Fixed an error when getting 9mm magazines + Fixed an error with getting weapon accessories + Fixed an error with the Housing menu + Fixed an error when receiving money
  7. Changelog: + Decreased the mission file size by almost half + Changed Earplugs keybind to Ctrl + Shift + Scrollwheel + Fixed rebel shop clothing + Fixed disbanding a gang + Fixed not being able to use Tow Ropes, Sling loading, and Rapelling + Fixed police money glitches + Fixed Kavala EMS Car garage + Fixed error in broadcast script + Fixed tazer damage glitch + Updated the Info button to the latest controls + Increased EMS paychecks + Fixed Auction House errors + Fixed mines randomizing every time you join to now only randomize on server restart + Fixed error in robbing shops script
  8. Changelog: + Fixed dying upon joining the server + Fixed not being able to pickup money + Fixed the Virtual Auction House (VAH) system + Changed the respawn button for cops & ems to allow you to choose what to respawn as + Adjust Sound: Ctrl + Scrollwheel (up or down) + Gas stations can now be robbed ($0 - $15,000)
  9. cbjo

    Server Update V.2-11 12/22/18

    Loving it keep it up
  10. Changelog: + Added "Virtual Items" and "Keys" menus to the inventory menu (top right hand corner) + Fixed escorting inside buildings
  11. God Kavala square looks fucking  great. I wonder who made that... 

  12. Been working on a bit of stuff for the Map. ;)

  13. Hello, Chaotic Gaming I'm a 20 Year-old gamer who loves to work on Arma Stuff and play other games. If you have any questions feel free to ask :) 

  14. NastyDasty

    Server Rules

    All players must abide by these rules in order to play on the Chaotic Gaming server. All rules are subject to change. Administrators have the final say. General Altis Life Rules: All offenses below are punishable by either a warning, kick, or ban. I.) New Life Rule (NLR): Sec. 1-0 II.) Killing yourself to get out of role play: Sec. 1-2 III.) Safezones: Sec. 1-3 IV.) Martial Law: Sec. 1-4 V.) Random Rules Sec. 1-5 VI.) Water Vehicles: Sec. 1-6 VII.) Aviation: Sec. 1-7 VIII.) Towing Vehicles: Sec. 1-8 IX.) Vehicles: Sec. 1-9 XI.) Communication: Sec 1-10 XII.) Trolling: Sec. 1-11 XIII.) Gang Rules: Sec. 1-12 XIV.) Gang War Rules: Sec. 1-13
  15. Maihym, I have made a staff application , i dont know if it has been accepted , let me know if you have an idea.

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