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Server Update v6-7 2/4/2020

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I just wanted to thank everyone for their support and feedback these past few weeks. There have been some ups and downs but from now on things are only going to get better. You may notice that there is a huge gap in the updates and so this post will make sure you are up to date. Please be sure to leave any feedback you may have in the comments below.


  • Changed Starting Money to $150,000
  • Fixed Housing money glitch
  • Improved Server Performance by A LOT
  • Fixed knocking people out while restrained glitch
  • Improved Map Performance
  • Changed player's side from Civilian to Independent to allow the use of AI events/missions in the future
  • Fixed Playtime not logging correctly
  • Added "Store Vehicle in Garage" action to Car Garage in Athira
  • Updated Garage spawns for some houses
  • Fixed Inventory Duplication Bug
  • Adjusted pricing of some virtual items (non dynamic items such as handcuffs)
  • Cleaned up unused code
  • Removed Car Radio
  • Updated Anti-hack
  • Added Animations Menu
  • Changed Police "Call Backup" option to Ctl + C (GPS required)
  • Radio must be equipped to use Group Channels and Emergency Channels
  • Added Police Place-able Barriers
  • Fixed Slingloading glitch



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