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    1. Maihym
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      By Maihym,


      + Moved/Edited new Prison

      + Moved/Edited Federal Reserve

      + Fixed the Federal Reserve. Gold bars now spawn in the vault

      + Added keycard to unlock prison doors

      + Fixed "widthRailway" error

      + Fixed "Boltcutter" icon

      + Added "CookedMeat" icon

      + Improved cleanup scripts a little

      + Fixed getting full bounty amount when sending someone to jail

      + Fixed being kicked when rappelling from helicopters

      + Weapons now have better positioning when you die

      + Changed the name of the robbable gas stations

      + Fixed an issue with unrestraining in the admin menu

      + Added a boat shop at Pyrgos

      + Fixed an issue causing flashbangs to not work



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      By cecil.merrell,

      In order to fully utilize all the juicy updates coming right before the event, we are going to need at least 5 cops online and as many civs/rebels as possible online.

      This event will be in the role-play category and therefore subject to the usual server rules.

      The Altis Federal Reserve has finished updating the security to it's vaults and is now meeting the federal requirements to store large amounts of gold.
      Rebels are expected to stage a robbery and snatch up the juicy loot and dispose of the evidence at the gold buyer's office.
      The police will be on high alert for criminal activities in the area and will be putting people into their new prison when necessary. 
      Escape from prison is only possible by helicopter, or obtaining the guard's security cards and waltzing out the front door.

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